About Us

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Our company motto:

Unmatched Quality Through Traditional Friendly Service

What Do We Mean:

  • Our company has existed since 1980 and is family owned and operated by Mark Balfour, Kim Balfour and Ashley Balfour.
  • We treat your home and garden with the utmost respect and care.
  • We offer 7 day emergency services that extend to weekends and holidays—we work around YOUR schedule and needs!
  • Our Van is well-stocked to complete most jobs in one visit, saving you time and unnecessary costs.
  • We are Licensed, qualified and insured for your protection and safety.
  • We give you a courtesy call before we arrive, so you are not waiting for a plumber all day.
  • We always take of our boots & use drop sheets to protect your home.
  • We will leave our work space cleaner than we found it.

Our company history

Quick Sure Plumbing begin in 1980 in the suburb of Kew in Melbourne with its founder Mark Balfour, the company was initially called Compact plumbing. This name was idolising Marks clean and efficient working ethic, the name then changed from Compact Plumbing to Quick Fix Plumbing. This name change was in line with a new direction of the business. Our philosophy was to provide plumbing work that was value for money and a fast responsive service to customers. Now finally the name changed to Quick Sure Plumbing PTY LTD.

In 2009 Mark Fell off a ladder busing his spine, Mark was in hospital for months recovering however he would never recover to full health. Mark is now a incomplete quadriplegic with extremely limited movement in his arms and legs. Due to his injury he had to close down the business and forcibly retire from plumbing.

Ashley Balfour, Marks son was at that time undertaking a plumbing apprenticeship with PJ Mullens Plumbing. Ashley then went on to completed his apprenticeship. With the help of Kim and Mark Balfour we collectively started up Quick Sure Plumbing again. We now have a van fully fitted out to suit Marks mobility issues with a spinner nob and modifications made so he can now drive the car to jobs for quoting and also to deliver materials and give advice to his son. The van is fitted out with all new tools and equipment and a plethora of fittings and material to solve most plumbing jobs.

Company Title:

QuickSure Plumbing PTY LTD

ABN: 51 601 591 860

ACN: 601 591 860

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